Your One Stop Curtain and Furniture Cleaners

Sandz Onsite Curtain Cleaners is your one stop Curtain and Furniture Cleaners. We have made cleaning our business because we believe that a clean home is a happy home. There’s nothing quite like walking into someone’s house and noticing the cleanliness. A clean home tells you that the owners have pride in their home. The same goes for businesses. We all notice when an office is dirty and that makes it unpleasant to walk into. But when it is clean, we feel welcome and want to go inside. Clean curtains and furniture can make a difference to the office and home environment.

We offer an onsite cleaning service that includes the professional cleaning of Curtains, Blinds, Couches, Chairs, Sofas, Carpets and Mattresses. As a family owned business, we understand that you are very busy with managing your own life so you simply don’t have the time to take down curtains or move furniture around to be cleaned. That is why we take that hard work out of your hands and do it ourselves. Sandz Onsite Curtain Cleaners will come to your premises and clean the curtains where they hang and clean the furniture on your premises. We use advanced dry cleaning and deep cleaning methods that are gentle on fabrics and tough on dirt. We use cleaning methods that ensure the longevity of your curtains and upholstery while giving you the peace of mind that it is fresh and clean.

Our Mission is to give every home and office a fresh and clean appearance, while using cleaning products that are safe on fabrics and tough on dirt.

Our Vision is to be the foremost Curtain and Furniture Cleaners in our industry.

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