Curtain Cleaning

We offer a professional Curtain Cleaning service that is coupled with quality and high standards. It is our duty to only use products that are safe on all fabrics. In this way, we ensure that your curtains are cleaned properly and without any damage. The quality cleaning products that we use is also tough on stains to give your curtains a renewed life. With these quality cleaning products you are reassured that the lifespan of your curtains will be long.

We use a dry cleaning method for curtains and drapes which enables us to professionally clean your curtains while they are still hanging on the rail. That’s right, we offer the Dry Cleaning of Curtains where they hang. This method is ideal for large heavy curtains and drapes that hang from a high ceiling or a big window. It takes the hassle out of you having to remove the curtains or draping from the rails. And then having to hang it up again. In summary, we offer a professional dry cleaning system that cleans curtains and blinds where they hang.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer a professional Curtain Cleaning service on both curtains and drapes in the domestic and the commercial environment. Whether you require the curtains in your home or the drapes in your office to be cleaned, you can count on us.

Our Curtain Cleaning methods are safe on all fabrics and give your curtains a lasting impression.

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